CoderDojo RTP – March 5, 2017

Parents –

  1. Please fill out a visitor badge (either at the kiosk or here) for your child
  2. If this is your first dojo, check out first-timer info.


  • Take Our Children to Work Day sessions – April 27th.  Sign-up to help at:

  • Raspberry Pis and Dot&Dash signups for today are:
    • Beginner Pi – Aneesh, 2 open
    • Pi monitors –  Andrew, Aidan, 2 open
    • Dot&Dash – Available
  • Future sign-ups at: 
  • Please sign the sheet – this is how you get in the drawing
  • Please add any new badge you earned since last week (to be added to the badge drawing) on the sheet
  • If this is your 5th dojo, see me and tell me 5 names (two can be adults), not including your parents or siblings) to get your blue lanyard.  You also get to pick a t-shirt while supplies last.

New Resources – feeling adventurous.  There are some great looking projects on – many which don’t look like they even need a Pi.  Perhaps you want to try a few and report back (I haven’t had time to try them yet).  Tucker did Secret Agent Chat which I really liked:  

  • Scratch – Space Maze, Olympic Hurdler, Weightlessness Space Game
  • Python – Turtley Amazing, Secret Agent Chat, Turtle Snowflakes, Storytime
  • HTML/Javascript – Talk like a pirate, Cat Meme Generator
  • Pi required – Python Quick Reaction, Time Lapse, Temperature Log, Push button Stop Motion, Window on the Weather
  • Minecraft (Pi required)- Getting Started with Minecraft, Minecraft Selfies, Minecraft Photo Booth, Wack-A-Block.  Complete all 4 for your Minecraft badge!


  1. Get your ID at:; follow the Getting Started Tutorial under Tips
  2. CoderDojo now has BeginnerIntermediate and Advanced Scratch Sushi cards!
  3. 2nd dojo???  – do the Animate your Name or Virtual Pet.  Demos at the end!
  4. Work on the scratch badge activities – be creative
  5. Do the “Tucker challenge” – build a coin toss game, Alina – Create a quiz, or “Kehn challenge” – build a game with explosions (including sound)
  6. Scratch Dungeon Quest

Raspberry PI




App Inventor (Scratch for Android)

  • Try the Ulvin endless game challenge or the Alina quiz challenge on Android!
  • Anyone want to volunteer to lead an App Inventor day?

Dot and Dash challenges – new mobile gaming platform

Finished with all that?

Extend your website using javascript and more HTML/CSS


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